How to achieve a smooth, sculpted body

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We all want a healthy, slim, firm, smooth and sculpted body, and many of us spend hours a week trying to attain that goal. But often, despite our best efforts, we have stubborn areas where the bulges just won’t budge.

That’s where Body Renewal can help – offering a variety of treatments that tackle cellulite, resistant fat, stretchmarks and lax skin that fit in with your personal requirements, time constraints and budget. It is important, however, to remember that the closer you are to your goal weight, the better the results will be.

All these treatments show results on their own, but because there are different forms and grades of resistant fat and cellulite, success at changing your body shape often requires a combination of treatments.

The injectables

The all-rounder Carboxytherapy injects tiny amounts of carbon dioxide beneath the skin, which breaks down fatty deposits and stimulates the production of collagen, helping to improve the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and lax skin.

Treatment areas: all over.

If only we could melt away the fat!

It turns out we can. Lipodissolve injections, aka Lamelle Dermaheal Lipolytic Solution or PPC injections use a specific soya lecithin and award-winning growth factors and peptides to stimulate the production of collagen, strengthening the dermis and improving skin texture. The body’s natural fat metabolising processes are harnessed to melt away small- to medium-sized fat deposits in targeted areas – and keep it off.

Treatment areas: It’s recommend for the face in order to treat double chins and flabby or fatty cheeks. On the body it’s recommended for pockets of stubborn fat (“saddlebags, bat wings, tummy rolls” etc.).

There may be mild redness and swelling following these injections, which usually resolve in three to five days. Mild bruising usually resolves after seven days. Since Skin and Body Renewal introduced radiofrequency RF procedures after Lipodissolve treatments, these side effects have become much reduced, and the long-term results of Lipodissolve treatments have also improved.


Lamelle’s Lipodissolve injections may only be used by an aesthetic medical doctor or accredited Lamelle Specialist.

When looking for lipolysis injections, choose carefully. There are many small companies doing PPC injections, and some skincare salons have staff that are not medically trained or supervised by medical personnel – with some unfortunate results like necrosis (tissue death) where injections have not been done in suitable areas, or where the problem is actually sagging skin and not fatty deposits. Sub-standard hygiene has also resulted in infection in some cases.

The freeze

You might have heard of Cryolipo Fat Freezing (aka Cooltech Fat Freeze or Cryolipolysis), which remodels the body shape and results in centimetre reduction. It’s ideal for eliminating resistant pockets of fat and it works by suctioning your targeted area and, for one  hour, freezing the fat cells at -7 or -8 degrees Celsius, thereby destroying them. These destroyed cells are then slowly metabolised and eliminated naturally by the body.

After two sessions there is an almost guaranteed 20 to 30 percent fat reduction in the treated areas.

Treatment areas: belly, flanks, “love handles”, “saddle bags”, bra bulges, back fat, inner thighs, “man-boobs” and flabby knees.

The tech

Radio Frequency (RF) treatments work by targeting fatty deposits, tightening skin and helping to maintain skin firmness.

BTL’s multiple award-winning Exilis Elite treats targeted areas by using monopolar RF with ultrasound to achieve safe, uniform and controlled heating of the fatty tissue. This simultaneously provides skin tightening benefits to the treated area.

Treatment areas: stomach, “love handles”, arms, legs, knees, back and chin

Velashape heats the tissue with a combination of infrared and RF. The size of the actual fat cell is reduced during this treatment, with specially designed rollers smoothing out the area.

And then there’s laser treatment: I-lipo non-invasive, low-level laser therapy works by targeting fat cells and creating a cascade of chemical reactions inside the cells that cause them to shrink, but leaving the cell completely unharmed. The only downside is that these fat calls can increase in size again if you gain weight. Exercise is recommended immediately afterwards. I-Lipo can be used on all skin types.

Treatment areas: belly, “love handles”, inner and outer thighs, “batwings”, bra bulges, double chin, knees, ankles and “man-boobs”.

To find out which treatment combination package suits your needs, visit Body Renewal or contact 0861 SKIN SA (7546 72) to book your individual assessment.

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