Ageing skin and all that comes along with it

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For some of the trickier signs of ageing, surgery was the only answer in the past. Luckily, new technologies give us non-invasive alternatives

All about eyes

The eye area is one of the first places to show signs of ageing, making us look permanently tired and less youthful.

Droopy lids

For things like hooded eye lids (sagging, puffy skin draping onto the lid) and under-eye bags, there was no option but surgery. But recent developments in technology now mean you can see a marked improvement in tightening and firming of these areas without the surgeon’s knife.

A combination of therapies is used by aesthetic doctors to treat hooded eyelids. Jett Plasma Medical can be done if the skin of the eye lids are sagging and drooping.

If the cause is a droopy forehead, Titan skin tightening, Laser Genesis and Carboxytherapy, by 1 to 3 mm non-surgically, as they tighten skin. Injections of botulinum toxin, a ‘chemical eye lift’, may also be used to enhance the effect, so your eyes look refreshed and beautifully bright.

In the bag(s)

Do you notice that when you smile in pictures, all you see is the puffy bags under your eyes? This problem is now treatable with a smart new technique: tear-trough rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Injecting these into the hollow under the bulge gives the area a youthful volume and contours the lower eyelids, safely and minimally invasively – in just 10 minutes. This treatment requires skill, so it’s best to find a well-trained and experienced doctor as your injector. You may see a little swelling and bruising but this fades quickly, and results can last between 9 and 18 months.

Eye bags can also be treated using a combination of Mesotherapy (to melt the fat and improve circulation) and a course of treatments with carboxytherapy, to tighten, reduce swelling and oxygenate the area, improving dark circles, eyelid texture and wrinkles.

A consultation with an aesthetic doctor is needed to tailor a programme designed for your individual needs.

Sun damage and wrinkles

The arrival of laser technologies, such as Fraxel, Pearl Fractional and Carbon Dioxide laser, has been a great event for those of us struggling with sun damage and wrinkles.

New technology Fraxel™ DUAL, is able to treat the skin on face, neck and chest, as well as arms and hands, no matter what your skin colour or type. Its two lasers can be used together or separately to treat texture, fine lines and open pores, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scars, and uneven skin tone.

Spider vein support
Varicose veins – thick and ropy, often painful – need to be treated medically with schelotherapy and possibly surgically. However spider veins – small red, purple or blue vessels that resemble tree branches or spider webs – are more easily treatable. You may find them of your face (typically around the nose and on cheeks) or on the calves or thighs. Their cause includes genetics, venous insufficiency, pregnancy, excess weight, sun exposure, long periods of standing and, of course, ageing.

At Skin and Body Renewal, spider veins are successfully treated using laser and light treatments like the CoolGlide Excel (a multi-tasking Nd: YAG laser) and Acutip 500 (a light-based treatment used for veins and sun spots). The therapist will determine which machine is best, depending on your vein size.

Hair today, gone tomorrow
As we enter our forties, hair often springs up where we least want it, such as our chins, and sometimes body hair becomes a nuisance. How do we get rid of unwelcome hair on our face and body? Yep, laser hair removal.
Skin and Body Renewal use the most innovative new tools like the CoolGlide Excel laser or ProWave (best for lighter complexions), an intense pulsed light treatment. The CoolGlide Excel can only be used in hair with dark pigment, i.e., black/very dark brown. It’s also effective for treating ingrown hairs and can deliver results in as little as just two sessions.

Please note: These treatments should be regarded as long-term hair reduction, lasting months and even years if maintenance is done every few months.

Warts be gone

Many of us have warts, and traditional medical treatment is often unsuccessful as they reappear. Jett Plasma Lift Medical is a world first – patented direct current electrocauteriser, as well as ND:YAG removes warts effectively, as well as helping to address cuperose.

Here’s to your health
Treatments like lasers and peels are ‘special weapons’ in the quest for a more youthful-looking appearance, but don’t forget the positive and very visible effects of a healthy lifestyle. Eating a well-balanced diet, supplementation, regular exercise, getting enough, good-quality sleep and finding ways to reduce stress levels are all things that will contribute to a long and healthy life.

To find out more about the solutions available to treat the telltale signs of ageing on both your face and body, visit Skin Renewal on or contact 0861 SKIN SA (7546 72).

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