Matriskin's unique formulas produce immediate results due to its preventive, curative and stabilizing properties. Matriskin technology combines two patented molecules: polysaccharides and ceramides with peptides, which are obtained through biotechnological processes. The result of this unique combination is a simple yet powerful range of products that fortify the protective function and restructuring properties of the skin.

Dr Pierre Huet, who is the head of our multidisciplinary research & development team, which consists of scientists, biologists and physicians, create Matriskin in France. Their main task is to find carefully selected active ingredient with proven, biological activity on the skin, as well as to integrate the desired results in product formulations.
By using the highest required concentration of the selected active ingredients, each of our skin care products must comply the following criteria:
• Penetration of active substances into the intended skin layers.
• Biological effect on the extracellular matrix.
• Immediate advantages for the patient.
• Safe to use with no downtime.
• Not tested on animals
• Only natural ingredients – no synthetic substitutes.