Cellulite: what it is and how to beat it

There’s no miracle cure for cellulite, but with our proven in-office treatments, you can dramatically diminish its appearance.

Cellulite is more than a sum of its parts. The combination of factors that involve fat cells, connective tissue, blood circulation and hormones results in those unlovely lumps and bumps we know as cellulite.

You can get it if you’re slim or not-so slim. And if you’re a woman, chances are you’ve got it but would prefer to get rid of it. And, yes, men can get it too, though usually in different areas and much less pronounced.

There are many “miracle” lotions and potions out there that make big promises but, unfortunately, they can’t change the structure of your skin or rid your body of the enlarged fat cells that can make it look worse.

Luckily, there are some professional treatments that can make a dramatic difference in the appearance and occurrence of cellulite.

To appreciate how these work, we need to understand what cellulite actually is, as well as what causes it.

Cellulite 101
Picture the deeper layers of your skin – your hypodermis – as a mattress. The padding is fat cells, and it has fibrous cords that connect your skin to your muscle, or your skin would hang off you like an oversized onesie. As we gain weight, these fat cells expand and push up towards the surface of our skin.

Depending on your personal body structure, these fibrous cords trap the fat cells in a random, net-like fashion as the fat pushes through in the gaps in the network, creating that dreaded “orange peel” or lumpy mattress effect.

If you ever wondered why men don’t struggle with cellulite the way women do on their thighs, hips and buttocks, it’s because they have a slightly different skin structure, and their testosterone protects them.

One of the main differences is thicker skin. This is why we don’t see their fat cells as they push upwards towards the surface in these areas. Another contributing factor is oestrogen –  men don’t have as much as women, and, unfortunately, this hormone also plays a role in the development of cellulite, as does poor circulation and sluggish lymphatic drainage.

However, if men gain a lot of weight, they can get cellulite, but it is usually found around the waist and belly, and is more easily disguised.

And then, of course, we have the lifestyle factors that contribute to worsening the appearance of cellulite – not getting enough exercise (which aggravates the poor circulation and slugging lymph), and eating a poor diet – empty calories, processed foods, high salt intake and caffeine have all been fingered as culprits.

Beyond the “miracle cure”
As we’ve mentioned, there is no miracle cure to completely erase cellulite.

Body brushing helps to improve your circulation and tone skin, but it can’t break or loosen those fibrous bands or shrink enlarged fat cells.

And yes, adopting a healthy diet and losing weight can help improve its appearance as your fat cells shrink, but if those bands are still intact, stubborn cellulite is there to stay.

Fortunately, at Body Renewal, we’re cellulite-busting experts, and we have the right tools to tackle the different factors that cause cellulite.

We have helped many women successfully achieve their best bodies yet, and we’ve learned that because cellulite is a multifaceted problem, it needs a multifaceted treatment solution.

Cellulite responds best to an array of different treatments, not just one. That’s why we’ve created a selection of Fat, Cellulite & Tightening solutions packages.

Each one makes use of proven cellulite-improving treatments as well as skin tightening solutions that enhance each other’s effects and help you firm up fast.

As there are different stages of cellulite and every person’s needs are different, no one-size-fits-all treatment will meet all your needs, so our
different treatment options are tailored to help rid all types of “orange peel” skin.

A consultation with one of our highly-skilled doctors will help you choose the solution that would suit you best, depending on the severity of your condition as well as your budget.

We suggest you book an appointment at your nearest Skin and Body Renewal clinic to take your first step to a firm and smooth silhouette.

Next time, we unpack the treatments offered at Body Renewal.

To find out more about proven solutions to dramatically improve the look of cellulite, visit Body Renewal.

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