Getting to grips with the basics of male skincare

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oday’s man knows the value of looking after his skin, but did you know that one size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to skincare? Find your next moves here.

The days when SA male grooming was a bar of soap and a splash of Brut are ancient history. We know that a healthy skin is a good-looking skin, and those craggy wrinkles on yester-man aren’t a sign of manliness, but rather of sun damage, which ages you before your time, and could be a warning sign to check for possible skin cancer.

Men come with a built-in advantage – thicker, less sensitive skin and more sebum (oil) production – thanks, testosterone! – which keeps your skin youthful and healthier than women’s skin… unless you abuse it, that is. The effects of late nights, playing sport without sun protection, partying, bad diet, smoking and stress will show on your skin. You know what you have to do… quit smoking if you haven’t already, eat a well-balanced diet, drink lots of water, exercise regularly, get enough deep, restorative sleep and monitor your stress levels.

Men’s skins have needs too, you know

That lovely sebum that keeps your skin young can become problematic if it is excessive, causing acne. And from the age of 30, skin cell renewal starts slowing down, even if it’s not noticeable then. Better to keep your skin in good shape through maintenance, rather than fixing it once it’s damaged. Starting early with a good skincare routine, using high-quality medically formulated products is the key.

Your daily routine

Who has the time or patience for elaborate routine? To find the right fit for you:

  • Consider your skin’s need: The products you choose will depend on your skin condition (which may change occasionally due to stress, environmental factors, etc.) Acne-prone skin has very different needs to dry or ageing skin.
  • You wouldn’t buy new tech without reading reviews online. Do the same with your skincare.
  • Or make it easy by booking an appointment with a skincare therapist or qualified doctor, especially if you have a problematic skin. They will design a tailor-made skincare routine that addresses all your needs. If you’re a low-fuss guy, ask for multitasking products that contain the latest, most effective skincare technologies. Medical skin care may carry a higher price tag, but they’re economical in the long run as they pack a very effective punch and show results early on.

Supercharge your daily grooming routine

Smart cleansing
Daily cleansing before you shave helps prevent blocked pores (which can lead to acne) and gives your razor a smooth glide. Don’t just use ordinary soap as this strips the oil and causes skin to ‘panic’ and produce more. Make sure the water is lukewarm, not hot. Choose a custom cleanser: SkinCeuticals’s Blemish + Age Cleanser foaming gel does multiple duty for aging, oily, dull or acne prone skin, without drying out or stripping your skin.  We also like Lamelle’s cleansers: Nourish Daily Cleanse (anti-ageing), Luminesce Brightening Cleanse (against pigmentation), and Clarity Active Cleanse (for oily and acne-prone skin).

Exfoliation is the key to healthy skin
You do it every time you shave – notice the difference in the texture of your shave area to the rest of your face. Exfoliation sloughs away old dead skin cells on the surface, speeding up cell renewal. If you have the time, use a fruit acid exfoliator NeoStrata Smooth Surface Daily Peel 10 AHA (which gently melts the glue holding the skin cells on) or use the cleansing and exfoliating in one Neostrata Foaming Glycolic Wash 20 AHA.

A superior shave
Cleansing before with warm water softens the hair and skin. Remember to shave with the grain (in the direction the hair grows) to prevent ingrown hairs. Change your razor blade every 3 to 4 shaves. Don’t use traditional aftershave as these contain alcohol and dry out your skin. Rather use an aftershave balm to soothe and moisturise.

Targeted treatments
From age 30, add a targeted serum to your routine before moisturising. 30 seconds extra adds years’ worth of benefit. Serums contain highly concentrated ingredients addressing specific skin needs.

Anti-ageing serums contain ingredients against environmental damage and/or offer intense hydration. Lamelle Correctives Hydrating HA Serum Plus and SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF with vitamin C and ferulic acid.

Oil-control serums: SkinCeuticals Blemish and Age Defense Serum and Lamelle Clarity Active Control.

Maximum moisture
Using a moisturiser keeps your skin’s natural moisture in so it can do its work properly. Better yet, choose one that does other duties too.

Lamelle Clarity Corrective AM and Lamelle Clarity Corrective PM Plus soothe skin and prevent acne as you moisturise. Treat existing signs of ageing with Lamelle Dermaheal Renewal Cream. Improve the look of fine lines, sensitivity, discoloration and breakouts with SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3

The ultimate multitasker: NeoStrata Ultra Daytime Smoothing Cream SPF 20 10 AHA

SPF. Daily. Always!

With our high levels of UV exposure, daily sun protection is a must. Doubly so if you’re a sportsman. Instead of using a “one size fits all” sunscreens, choose a sunscreen that meets all your demands. SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF protects against UVA and UVB, doesn’t cause breakouts, won’t irritate your skin or eyes and is water- and sweat-resistant. Lamelle Nourish Multi-Active Sun 30 gives protection against UVA and UVB as well as infrared and visible light. At the same time, it helps combat premature ageing. If your skin tends to be drier or dehydrated, lotions and creams will always be the favourites as they also make the skin feel more comfortable. Try Lamelle Helase 50.

Don’t forget to check your skin regularly for moles that change colour, grow large, bleed or itch, or any suspicious skin changes. These can be early warning signs of skin cancer, which is highly treatable if you catch it early. See a dermatologist if you notice anything.

In the next issues: we tackle the issues that affect men – acne, acne scarring and razor bumps, and discover the exciting treatments such as Laser Genesis and Limelight from Cutera, and Dermapen from Genop, amongst others, that are available to reverse sun damage and keep you looking youthful.

To find out more about men’s skin care regimes, visit Skin Renewal on or contact 0861 SKIN SA (754 672).

Next we give you the best tips on how to maintain healthy skin when travelling. 

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