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Healthy weight loss: Getting RID of it

The Renewal Institute has put years of research and experience to create our medically proven sustainable weight loss programme, to help you attain your healthiest self.

You’ve tried every diet that pops up on the interweb to curb your growing waistline. Or you’re finding that your body is not shaking off overindulgence the way it used to in younger days….

Whether you’re a veteran dieter or noob, fad diets are not the answer to sustainable and healthy weight loss. What you need a medically proven healthy weight programme.

The Renewal Institute Diet (RID) and weight loss programme is guided by a team of medical professionals, that not only help you lose weight and fat sustainably, it helps to

  • Normalise your blood sugar levels
  • Improve insulin and leptin resistance
  • Balance your cortisol levels
  • Reduce body inflammation
  • Restore the gut to a healthy state
  • Detoxify your system
  • Improve your stress management
  • Optimise your sleep

Before you start your RID journey, the Renewal Institute doctors and nurses assess all the health and lifestyle factors at play in your life, and help you balance them for better and prolonged results.

The Renewal Institute Diet programme consists of:

  1. A calorie-controlled eating programme where you eat low-glycaemic, low-inflammatory foods
  2. A low-GI shake, which is your daily meal replacement. This is incorporated into the well-balanced diet to ensure optimal nutrition
  3. Weight loss supplements are prescribed to aid detoxification and restore gut health and digestion
  4. hCG injections help improve the body’s metabolism. These are prepared and sealed in a sterile laboratory by qualified pharmacists
  5. Ongoing support in the form of consistent medical supervision and guidance by the Renewal Institute team. The weight loss journey is hard, and follow-up visits every two weeks help patients succeed in their goals.

The diet consists of three phases, all of which are equally important:

  • Phase one starts with a detoxification, preparing the body for the diet.
  • Phase two comprises the diet, supplemention and hCG phase.
  • Phase three is the maintenance phase.
  • If you need further weight loss, the cycle may be repeated.

To find out more about sustainable weight loss, visit Body Renewal on www.bodyrenewal.co.za or contact 0861 SKIN SA (754 672).
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