Hey man! Look after your skin

Most men understand the importance of looking after their skin, but did you know about the many benefits beyond good looks?

Your skin is tough – after all, it’s your body’s biggest organ, shielding the rest of you against the world as it performs many vital functions.

But it needs to be treated with respect and a bit of TLC if you want it to perform at its best and stay healthy. The simple truth is that the earlier you begin looking after your skin, the longer it will remain looking good.

One size definitely doesn’t fit all

What does this care look like? Firstly, it means understanding that looking after your skin means knowing your skin type and its current condition, and then you need to choose the treatment solutions it needs.

Many men have oily skin, prone to blackheads and even acne. But you could have very dry skin, or skin that needs professional care because it has rosacea or struggles with beard folliculitis (inflammation and irritation) or ingrown hairs. Or maybe you’re concerned about skin ageing?
This is where a professional assessment is very important. A skin-care professional will analyse your skin and, once they’ve established your skin type and concerns, give you a recommendation on what it needs, so your skin-care regime will be as effective as possible.

Your daily routine

Investing in a simple daily routine that suits your skin’s needs will go a long way to keeping it healthy and happy. Gentle cleansing with a mild soap-free cleanser and warm (not hot) water to remove daily grime and excess oil.

Gentle exfoliation on nose and upper face to keep pores clear, prevent blackheads and slough away old dead skin cells to speed up cell renewal.

Daily moisture to keep your skin’s natural moisture level topped up, which helps skin cells perform well. Choose a moisturiser that’s enriched with free radical-fighting antioxidants, plus SPF 30 sun protection for daily exposure.

Sunscreen (preferably SPF 50+) is essential if you spend time outdoors, especially when playing sports, to prevent premature ageing, as well as skin cancer. The sun is by far the most damaging of all factors that affect the skin. Find one that suits your preferences here.

Dealing with acne
Acne is a sad reality for most males during their teens, when testosterone hormone goes into overdrive. But it can continue well into adulthood and leave lasting consequences such as scarring. It also has an emotional impact on the sufferer.

However, acne isn’t something that needs to be suffered or endured, no matter what your age.It is a symptom of a dysfunction in the body, and a professional, holistic solution can help to clear it.
We strongly advise tackling acne before it becomes severe and causes scarring.

A consultation with one of the Renewal Institute doctors will identify the causes and provide a treatment program, which may include lifestyle and dietary changes, supplementation and even medication. Once the internal systems start functioning properly, there is generally an improvement in the skin’s appearance. This is supported by skin-care treatments that help to clear existing acne and prevent new acne forming.

The most effective approach is to include a combination of treatments – professional treatments such as peels, lasers and specialised treatments – to tackle acne from all angles, as well as home medical skin-care routines. Lamelle’s Clarity range  and Neostrata’s Refine range are great examples.

Addressing acne scarring

One of acne’s most damaging side effects is acne scarring. Fortunately, technology provides solutions that can improve the appearance of scarring significantly.

An assessment of the type and severity of scarring will provide a treatment plan for best results. This may include a combination of skin needling, peels, lasers and Platelet Rich Plasma facials.

We recommend treatment while the scar is still fresh and new active for best results, but old scars can also benefit from treatment to improve their appearance.

To find out more about men’s skin care regimes, visit Skin Renewal on www.skinrenewal.co.za or contact 0861 SKIN SA (754 672).

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