How to lose weight – and keep it off – in 2021

Never has a new year been more welcome. Most of us have been eager to shed 2020 and all its baggage – including unwanted kilos. Body Renewal helps us with the doctor-developed RID diet plan

Let’s face it – 2020 was a doozy. While we were setting our goals, the year clobbered us with its other plans. Many of us had made a decision to be healthier and shift a few stubborn kilos – and may even had been well on our way. But for quite a few of us, months of Lockdown (especially the early days) reversed most of our good work by keeping us at home as we worried about health, work and the safety of our loved ones.

The solution to all this relentless anxiety was escape in the form of bingeing – hands up who has a favourite carb-comfort recipe or 10. And let’s not even mention the Netflix marathons. These actions served their purpose but left us with some hefty consequences.

While some of us were able to get back on track as the Lockdown eased, many of us are still sitting with unwelcome “pandemic padding”. And that’s so not the way we want to be in 2021, not least for our physical and mental health and self-esteem.

We have some measure of the reality of the pandemic, but 2021 is still an unknown animal.

We have the hope of a vaccine on our horizon, and the economy is showing signs of recovery. So how are we going to keep ourselves positive, motivated and moving in a forward direction to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the relentlessness of the status quo?

We recommend a personal recovery plan

  • Focus on personal development. People have come up with incredibly creative ideas. Many are writing books, taking courses, creating vegetable gardens, developing spiritual habits, volunteering to help others. Maybe even starting new careers or businesses.
  • Taking care of our physical and mental health means good sleep hygiene, exercise and a healthy, antioxidant-rich diet.
  • And for those of us who need a little extra help, Body Renewal helps us shed stubborn fat with the Renewal Institute Diet (RID). It’s a great way to ensure you enter 2021 looking leaner and feeling good!

What makes the Renewal Institute Diet different?
RID is a doctor-developed, low-calorie, low-GI eating plan enhanced by supplements and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injections.

Whatever the reason for your weight gain, if you’d like to lose it fast – and then keep it off for good – RID is the programme for you:

  • It keeps you motivated by promising rapid weight loss. Women who adhere to the programme can lose between 5 to 6 kg a month, while men can lose between 7 and 8 kg a month! That’s pretty significant.
  • The programme is done in an incredibly controlled and safe manner, under the supervision of a medical professional. Unlike an unsupported crash diet, it won’t weaken your immune system. Clearly this is something none of us needs right now, considering the circumstances.
  • The insulin connection: RID works by helping you manage the way your body handles sugar.
    Insulin resistance is the reason many people struggle to lose weight – one of the telltale signs is fat accumulation on the belly.

Insulin is the hormone that signals the sugar in your blood to shift into your body’s cells, where it can be used up as energy.

If you’re insulin resistant, however, your body ignores the message. Instead of being converted into energy, the sugar lingers in your blood stream before being converted into fat. Unfortunately, this is not just any fat. It becomes a particularly stubborn fat that tends to get stored across your belly, bum and thighs.

This can be a serious health problem. Left unchecked, it could lead to pre-diabetes, type-2 diabetes, increased blood pressure and cholesterol.

RID to the rescue
Happily, the RID diet steps in to recalibrate your body’s sensitivity to insulin, as it is a low-GI diet.

Within weeks, your metabolism makes an incredible shift that sees you burning your own fat, not just your food, for fuel.

Once all that excess padding melts away and you have reached your healthy goal, you will move onto a maintenance plan that will ensure your body continues to use sugar appropriately.

This way, whatever you lose can be kept off for good and yo-yo dieting becomes a thing of the past.

In our next feature, we delve into the details of the RID programme.

Happy new you!

To find out more about RID and sustainable weight loss, visit Body Renewal or contact 0861 SKIN SA (754 672).

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