How to lose weight – and keep it off – with the RID diet

Struggling to shed stubborn fat? A slimmer silhouette and a healthier you are possible, with the help of Body Renewal’s doctor-developed RID diet

Body Renewal’s extremely successful Renewal Institute Diet (RID) programme has been developed and refined over the past 12 years by the Renewal Institute’s medical team. Over the years, the team has adapted the exclusive formulation to take advantage of developments in medical and dietary science, and incorporated hands-on knowledge gained from working with the programme.

The low-calorie, low-GI RID eating plan is enhanced by cutting-edge supplements that help to improve gut health, stimulate fat burning, detox the liver, balance cortisol levels and reduce inflammation in the body. It also helps to support stress management and good sleep habits.

The entire programme is conducted under medical supervision, so it is incredibly controlled and safe. You are supported with a fortnightly visit to the health-coach nurse to monitor your progress, motivate you and educate you on good practices.

Your programme can also be tailored to take into consideration your personal challenges, such as high cholesterol or diabetes, etc.

How does it work?

The RID diet is an efficient fat burner
As the RID diet is a low-GI plan, it’s almost entirely free of sugar. This ensures you are not consuming anything that will convert to fat immediately. And when your body needs energy – and your blood stream is sugar-free – it is forced to burn up the next best energy source, your own fat!

• The RID diet is a low-kilojoule eating plan
Because of the low amount of kilojoules you consume on the diet, weight loss is accelerated even further. However, you won’t experience the discomfort of going to bed feeling hungry, so you won’t be tempted to cheat.

• The daily injection of hCG
Like insulin, hCG is a hormone that is produced naturally by your body. It plays a role in helping to rev up your metabolism, reduce hunger cravings and aid the loss of fat instead of muscle.

• The supplements
Along with a careful eating plan that teaches you to eat healthily and gives you meal ideas, the diet is enhanced further by great-tasting, nutrient-rich shakes and high-quality supplements to ensure your body gets everything it needs.

• The weight loss
If you adhere to the programme, a woman can lose between 5 to 6 kg a month, while men can lose between 7 and 8kg a month. It also helps recalibrate your body’s sensitivity to insulin, so RID is ideal if you are insulin resistant and pre-diabetic.

• The maintenance
Once you’ve attained your ideal goal, you will move on to a maintenance plan that will ensure your body continues to use sugar appropriately. This way, whatever you lose can be kept off for good, and yo-yo dieting becomes a thing of the past.

Ultimately, whether you’ve struggled with your weight for years or recently put on a few kilos you’d like to lose, the RID diet can help you slim down quickly and then keep it off.

This way, you can tackle 2021 looking good and feeling like the very best version of you.

To find out more about sustainable weight loss, visit Body Renewal on or contact 0861 SKIN SA (754 672).

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