Medical laser facials: you can say no to surgery

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There was a time when ‘ageing gracefully’ was polite-speak for letting nature take its course if we weren’t prepared to have cosmetic surgery to smooth wrinkles or lift sagging skin. The only other weapons against skin ageing were using good skin-care products, staying out of the sun and going for regular facials.

These days, going under the knife is still an option but can remain a last resort as we can now do a lot more to slow skin ageing as well as change the appearance of features we’re not happy about without surgery. For example, medical laser facials can reverse signs of ageing and sun damage; non-surgical facelifts can lift the skin in just the right places; and with threads and fillers placed in the correct position, volume loss and sagging skin are a thing of the past. You can even opt for a non-surgical nose job!
All of these treatments are completely achievable mostly without full anaesthesia, downtime, or significant discomfort, giving you subtle, yet undeniable results that will leave people wondering what you’ve done to look so radiant and refreshed.

Why are they called medical laser facials?

There’s an important distinction between medical lasers and lasers used in beauty salons. Medical lasers are much more powerful and have the ability to reach deeper layers of the skin, so they may only be used under medical supervision, by trained professionals in licensed medical spas, as improper use could cause severe damage to the skin. These lasers, such as the ones mentioned below, are also far more precise, and leave the surrounding skin undamaged.

Three medical lasers have shown great results on signs of ageing and sun damage:

  • The Fraxel™ DUAL shows dramatic results in treating sun damage, wrinkles and pigmentation, with very little downtime. It has 2 laser options which, depending on the patient’s needs, can be used separately or together. One laser treats texture, open pores, fine lines, and pre-cancerous skin cells, while the other treats wrinkles, acne scars, texture and tone. A cooling system ensures comfort during treatment.

Results: the overall appearance of the skin is vastly improved as the growth of new and healthy skin cells are stimulated.

Who is it for? Fraxel™ DUAL can treat your face, neck, décolleté, hands and arms and can be used on all skin colours and types.

  • The Pearl Fractional laser treats skin imperfections due to ageing, post-acne scarring and sun damage. During the procedure, the laser uses heat to create tiny pore-sized holes in the skin. Laser pulses treat damaged cells deep under the skin and selectively remove columns of tissue, leaving the surrounding skin intact. It also stimulates your body’s own natural process for creating collagen.

Result: Skin is plumped up from below, signs of photoageing and other imperfections are reversed and you’ll notice a smoother, brighter complexion overall.

Who is it for? People with light-to-medium skin tones.

  • For deeper lines, wrinkles, sun damage and scarring, the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) laser is used for skin resurfacing. This treatment removes the outer layers of damaged skin and stimulates the regeneration of healthy skin underneath. It can be used to treat deeper facial lines, wrinkles, scarring and sun damage around the eyes and mouth as well as acne scarring and can be used on the face, neck, chest and hands. A local anesthetic is used to relieve any potential discomfort and, if the entire face is being treated, alternative methods may be used. The CO2 laser is perfectly safe with minimal side effects but it’s advisable to have a consultation with a Skin Renewal doctor to discuss suitability and possible complications with CO2 laser skin resurfacing.

Who is it for? This treatment is not recommended for darker skins such as skin types 5 and 6. In these cases, we recommend the Fraxel DUAL treatment.

To find out more about treatment that are an alternative to surgery, visit Skin Renewal on or contact 0861 SKIN SA (754 672).


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