A penetrating look at PRP ‘vampire’ facials

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One of the newer anti-ageing treatments, PRP treatments – aka vampire facials – has become even more effective at rejuvenating not just your face.

It’s hard not to pay attention when something is called a ‘vampire facial’, and it really hit the headlines when Kim K posted pics of her bloodied face during her treatment. This innovative treatment has been around for over a decade, and its use in both health and beauty applications is simply growing.

Why is the PRP treatment called the Vampire Facial?

Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment (PRP) uses your own blood (ta-da! Ergo, vampire), six percent of which consists of platelets.

These are extracted by centrifuge, which concentrates them to a powerful 94%… creating the platelet-rich plasma, a powerful growth-factor cocktail that is one of the most effective anti-ageing treatments use in aesthetics today.

The doctor then prepares the skin to receive the PRP by needling with a fine-toothed dermapen, which creates small punctures in the skin that allow the product applied on the skin (in this case, PRP) to penetrate more effectively.

What are the benefits of PRP and how does it differ from other needling?

Medical needling on its own already stimulates skin repair and rejuvenation because the thousands of tiny puncture wounds can penetrate as deeply as the dermis. Each tiny wound then goes through the phases of wound healing, inducing growth factors responsible for the production of the new collagen, which is deposited in the dermis, resulting in skin rejuvenation.

Adding PRP to this supercharges this whole process.

In case you were wondering:

  • Since the platelets come from your own blood, there is absolutely no possibility of allergic reaction or other side effects. The only precaution you need to take is to stop any anti-inflammatory or blood thinning medications while administering PRP.
  • The minute wounds caused by the needling trigger with hardly any downtime at all. You can return to work the next day.

What makes PRP at Skin Renewal superior?

Standard PRP treatments use a system where the blood is only put through one centrifugation process.

Skin Renewal uses the patented Dr PRP system – a unique double-centrifugation process which results in a concentration of PRP of the highest quality, with a larger amount of growth factors, to ensure exceptional results.

This double centrifugation separates the PRP into Super Concentrated PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP):

  • The Super Concentrated PRP, also known as the Buffy Coat or Liquid Gold, is injected into the areas of greatest concern, as it yields the best results.
  • The PRP and PPP, together with SRS growth factors, peptides and amino acids, are then introduced into the skin with skin needling to further enhance the treatment.


The PRP procedure helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as restore volume and firmness, improving skin texture and tone considerably so the skin looks more youthful and rejuvenated.

Besides facial rejuvenation, PRP treatments are being used to treat skin on the neck,  décolleté and hands, which can be done at the same session.

Treatment with PRP for hair restoration as well as muscle and joint regeneration also shows great promise.

To schedule an individual consultation with one of the doctors on the Skin Renewal team, or to find out more about this treatment that has taken the world by storm, visit Skin Renewal on www.skinrenewal.co.za or contact 0861 SKIN SA (754 672).

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