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Many of us struggle to keep our weight within healthy limits due to our sedentary lifestyles, stress, hormones and other factors that contribute to those extra kilos. We are also constantly reminded that an unhealthy Body Mass Index (BMI: the amount of body fat you have in relation to your height) and obesity can have severe implications for our hearts, cause high blood pressure, diabetes, affect our hormones and so forth. Add to this the fact that being overweight can make us feel uncomfortable in our clothes and in our skin.

We know that a balanced diet and regular exercise is the best way to achieve a healthy weight. This can be a battle because of our circumstances, or just because our bodies are resistant to shedding the unwanted kilos. Whatever the case, we need to give our metabolism a kick-start with a short, sharp shock and then maintain the results with a sustained healthy lifestyle routine.

This is where the Body Renewal’s Medical Weight Loss Programme comes in.

The programme

Evolved over 10 years, this safe and effective programme specifically targets abnormal and resistant fat. Slimming and shaping the body is achieved by improving sensitivity to Leptin, the hormone in fat cells that regulates the entire adipose metabolism.

Leptin-sensitive people seem to be able to eat a lot of food without gaining weight, but when we are leptin-resistant, our appetite increases and our metabolism slows down, so much of what we eat is converted into fat and stored in the body.

The Medical Weight Loss Programme 

This programme tackles stubborn obesity through a combination of a low GI diet, nutraceutical supplements that aid fat loss, daily meal replacement and injections of lipotropic HCG, which targets and breaks down abnormal fat and releases it in the body.

The assessment 

The team, led by a medical doctor, assesses every patient, taking medical histories and measuring blood pressure, random blood sugar, weight, height and BMI, as well as giving you the target values for your gender and height.

The support 

Fortnightly follow-up appointments with registered nurses assist each patient in their weight loss journey to ensure the best results are obtained.

The promise 

If strictly adhered to, women lose between 8 and 10kg a month. For men, it’s 10 to 15kg.

Most people find the routine quite easy and feel good, with high energy levels, and many see a reduction in insulin resistance, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.


Once you’ve reached your goal weight, it is sustained with a stabilisation and maintenance programme.

To encourage body toning and skin tightening, Velashape™, Titania and Exilis assist in firming your selected area and promoting centimetre-loss. These treatments are offered at a much reduced price for Medical Weight Loss patients.

Find out more here: and see our effective results on The Slenderblog.

Pockets of resistance

Some of us are slim and fit and generally toned, so it’s very frustrating that some wobbly bits just won’t shift. Many women resort to invasive procedures such as liposuction to deal with these stubborn pockets of fat.

But before you consider such drastic measures, Body and Health Renewal recommends Lamelle Dermaheal Lipolytic Solution injections, which harness the body’s natural fat metabolising processes to melt away small- to medium-sized fat deposits in targeted areas – and keep it off.

The key ingredient is a specific type of lecithin extracted from soybeans, which has profound effects:
• It speeds up lipolysis in the area, burning away fat.
• It is very effective for combating cellulite.
• It simultaneously helps improve the body’s metabolism.
• It prevents the body from storing fat in the treated areas.

This product may only be used by an aesthetic medical doctor or accredited Lamelle Specialist.

Since the lipolytic solution works internally and is dependent on your body and metabolism, visible results may take between four and eight weeks, and has lasting effects. A total of four to six treatments, spaced at least four weeks apart, are recommended.

Resistant fatty pockets can also be treated using Cooltech fat freeze or Cyolipolysis treatments. These treatments last between one to two hours and within two sessions can almost guarantee 20 to 30% fat reduction via an apoptosis process after the fat cells have been crystalized for this duration of treatment below -5 degrees Celsius.

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