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We all aspire to a healthy weight, but modern life seems to conspire against us. The solution is a holistic approach

A healthy weight and body is much more than about the way it looks. Obesity can have a serious effect on your health, well-being and longevity and, unfortunately, we South Africans are struggling to keep our weight under control.

Getting the body you’ve always dreamt of requires a holistic approach to healthy living – the body’s systems are interconnected and when something is out of balance, it can have an impact on the others.

The Renewal Institutes pillars to health covers all aspects of a holistic lifestyle.

Gut Health

The statement ‘you are what you eat’ can be taken a step further to ‘you are what you digest, absorb, assimilate and properly eliminate’.

We’re understanding more than ever that a properly functioning digestive system is the foundation for a healthy body. The key to a healthy gut is a balanced eco-system, and medical science is discovering the importance of gut bacteria in maintaining this fine equilibrium. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle makes keeping your gut healthy challenging. So the Renewal Institute addresses this first before you embark on any other treatment.


Exercise is another key component for keeping the body fit and strong, reducing stress and improving our mood. Movement also stimulates blood and oxygen supply to the brain and body. Excessive exercise, however, can also be damaging and can cause additional stress to the body. The magic formula…moderate exercise done on a regular basis. The beauty of this is that this is easily achievable. Go on! You can do it!


A well-balanced diet full of raw, real food is the best way to feed your body. Enhance it with supplementation of the correct nutrients your body requires to function optimally.

To top it all off, it is essential to keep the body hydrated and working optimally by drinking water through the day.

Stress Management

Modern living, work and time pressures mean that, for most of us, our bodies are in constant fight-or-flight mode. This way of life is detrimental to our health because being in a state of continuous stress can have a damaging effect on our body, mind and spirit.

Finding a way to take time out, digital detoxing and centering yourself through mindfulness exercises is essential for your well-being.


Getting enough, good quality sleep is the pillar that overarches all of the others. The body may cope when any of the other pillars are neglected for a while, but we all know the immediate impact of not getting enough deep, restorative sleep. Sleep is the time the body and brain re-boots itself and your body requires between seven and eight hours of quality sleep to go through all the healing phases of sleep.

Lack of sleep also contributes to weight gain and makes it harder to lose weight. The hormone leptin, which regulates your appetite, is lower if you’re sleeping too little, while the hunger hormone ghrelin increases.

A helping hand

If you find that you are struggling to maintain all the pillars above, have concerns about unhealthy weight, or you’re at a healthy weight but can’t seem to shift those areas of resistant fat, The Renewal Institute has various solutions to help you achieve your goals.

As each person’s body needs are unique, a thorough consultation with one of our doctors will determine your health concerns, desired outcomes and budget. The doctor has a number of treatment solutions to accurately address your needs.

This may include the Body Renewal medical weight loss programme glucose control or biopuncture injectable therapy – effective and inexpensive injections of homeopathic solutions that stimulate the body’s natural regulatory processes, reduces inflammation and pain, and enhances the body’s natural immunity and better health. It is also used to treat cellulite and reduce excess fat.

Once your pillars are in place and the healthy weight programme is under way, you can start considering body treatments to enhance the effects of your regime, as well as improving the texture and appearance of your silhouette. More on that next time.

To find out more about the pillars of healthy living and solutions available to treat body conditions, visit Body Renewal on or contact 0861 SKIN SA (754 672).

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