These are the pillars of healthy, good-looking skin

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In order to have healthy, good-looking skin, the following four pillars are equally important, and your skin will show the benefits of following all of them together:

1. Lifestyle matters

Underpinning everything we do is the way we live. Hard living – smoking, excess alcohol consumption, spending too much time in the sun, eating badly, as well as stress, overwork, lack of sleep – will eventually show up on your skin, and by that time, the damage is done deep down. Yes, the treatments and technology exist to reverse these signs, but it will be healthier on your pocket and the results will be better if you try to stick to the principles of living a healthy life. Need we remind you this includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, getting enough restorative sleep, staying hydrated by drinking enough water, and managing your stress levels?

2. Professional assistance

Before time and gravity take their toll, preserve your skin’s resources by seeking professional help from doctors trained in aesthetic treatments, who are expert in the correct usage of injectables – Dysport, dermal fillers and Threads.

Dysport show excellent results in preventing the formation of wrinkles from repetitive movement of the skin, as well as smoothing existing lines and wrinkles, whereas fillers allow for subtle contouring of the profile, adjusting areas that need more volume, and threads are used to lift and tighten the skin without cutting.


3. Skincare tools

Blemishes on the skin can appear at any age (scarring after acne, pigmentation marks from pregnancy, coarsened texture and lines from sun damage, etc.) The third pillar – skin conditioning – works hand-in-hand with Pillar 2 to give you refined skin texture, even skin tone, plump and firm skin, and the very effective treatments include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Micro-needling, Carboxytherapy which assists in the boosting of collagen production, leaving the skin rejuvenated. The options for light therapies and skin lasers are also many, and can give you excellent improvements on your skin quality and appearance. Be selective about where you have these treatments, and always use a reputable aesthetic clinic, where the staff is highly trained and skilled, to avoid an unhappy result.

4. The day to day living

The fourth pillar is to support all your clinical treatments is to ensure you use a good home skincare regime – invest in doctor-recommended products suitable for your skin, which contain scientifically proven active ingredients that preserve your skin’s resources. Combine this with gentle cleansing, daily moisturising and the critically important sun protection. Visit your skin doctor for a mole check-up once a year, or see him or her more often if you have any concerns.

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