Weighty matters

The word ‘diet’ is a four-letter word. Wouldn’t it be better to focus instead on a healthy lifestyle programme? This would mean a slimmer, healthier you for the rest of your life.

It’s August, and with spring just around the corner, who isn’t thinking about shedding all those layers of clothing and enjoying the lightness of summer? If, however, the thought of exposing your body is more painful than pleasurable, we have good news for you.

Allow us to help you on your journey to a healthy weight and body… Fad diets come and go (just like the kilos we shed and gain back again).

Luckily, our understanding of nutrition, what causes us to gain weight, and the impact of our lifestyle habits has improved immensely:

• We understand that there’s no magic bullet for slimming that will give us long term, sustainable results.
• We at the Renewal Institute realise that people need to adopt a holistic approach to healthy living. We call these our pillars of health. When we get that right, a healthy weight becomes realistic and sustainable.

So what are the pillars of health?

They are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle, which include exercise, nutrition, gut health and stress management. However, the foundation upon which these pillars rest is sleep optimisation.

South Africans unfortunately tend to struggle with many of these issues, especially healthy nutrition and stress management – and our worries keep us up at night.
One of the tell-tale signs that things are not as they should be is excessive weight. Overweight and obesity can have a serious impact on our health, wellbeing, longevity and quality of life.
Skin Renewal has been offering healthy-weight treatments for years, and our experience has shown that unless our lifestyle habits are assessed, addressed and changed, a long-term weight loss solution is impossible.

With these pillars in mind, the Renewal Institute Diet (RID) was developed to assist clients to lose weight in a manner that ultimately addresses all aspects of their lifestyle, to ensure that their weight loss is sustainable and long-lasting.

The first step is an individual consultation with a doctor and nurse to discuss all aspects of your health as well as your lifestyle habits and goals. Based on this, a personal plan is drawn up.

The diet plan component of the RID is designed to improve the body’s sensitivity to leptin, the hormone that’s responsible for the regulation of our metabolism. Those of us who struggle with excess weight have a resistance to leptin, which involves a greater appetite and slower metabolism. People with no or low resistance to leptin can eat just about anything without gaining weight.

The scientifically formulated diet plan helps our bodies “reset” so that it becomes more leptin sensitive, speeding up our metabolism and making us feel less hungry. With that, the kilos start slipping off, we gain more energy, we exercise more, and so on.

Next week, we will discuss the RID diet and the results you can expect.

And once you’re close to your goal weight, you can start concentrating on toning and shaping your body with our effective treatment solutions.

To find out more about how to lose weight holistically, visit Skin Renewal at www.bodyrenewal.co.za

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