Hey man! High-tech solutions for skin

Concerned about signs of ageing? Too much body hair? Scars and skin blemishes? No worries, mate. These solutions have your back (and neck and face)

Remember the rise of the metrosexual? Men who didn’t wash their faces with the dripping shampoo suds, went for skin treatments, and possibly even used tinted moisturiser and lip balm?

That man has gone the way of the fax machine.

Instead, we now have The Modern Man, who isn’t singled out specifically for his grooming habits. Most of us know that a self-care routine (and that includes skin care) is part of our good health journey, along with eating well and exercising, stress management and good sleeping habits.

Healthy skin ageing

Who doesn’t want to maintain their good looks and keep our skin healthy? So, it’s no wonder we feel comfortable seeking out skin care and professional treatments that will counter the effects of late nights working on a deadline, or hanging with the guys on (IRL or on Houseparty). This all helps to prevent skin ageing before its time.

Even though men’s skin show signs of ageing later than women’s skin, under the hood, skin cell turnover starts slowing from the age of 30, and the sooner we start using preventative treatments and products, the better the long-term result for our skin.

Address existing signs of ageing

But what if we already have signs of ageing (we’re talking blotchy pigmentation, wrinkling, rough skin texture)? These become apparent as the

skin becomes thinner with age and underlying sun damage becomes more visible.

What’s the answer for our skin ageing needs?

The skin experts at Skin Renewal are at hand to with a personal assessment that allows them to draw up the right skin-care solutions for our individual needs.

They say an increasing number of men are receptive to the idea of having injectable treatments to slow down the ageing process. These treatments include:


Botulinum Toxin (the most well-known brand being Botox) helps to temporarily paralyse specific targeted muscles and nerves to smooth and prevent wrinkles.

Dermal fillers work by plumping up hollow areas and create volume.

The use of injectables has become increasingly refined. Years of research has resulted in expert knowledge on how and where to use injectables. And specific injecting techniques are used for men to achieve a very natural and masculine look.

Skin needling uses an device with multiple needles that pierce the skin to cause controlled ‘micro-injuries’. These stimulate the skin’s self-repair function – old, damaged tissue is destroyed and replaced with new, healthy collagen. Acne scars, enlarged pores and environmentally damaged areas can be improved with this technique.

Targeted skin care
From age 30, choose skin care products with concentrated anti-ageing ingredients that help defend skin against environmental damage, and consider adding a targeted serum before moisturising.

Acne and scarring

Read our acne and acne scarring recommendations in our previous post.

Hair maintenance

One of the most common requests from men is removal of excess hair on the face or body, so that they feel comfortable with their appearance. It is especially necessary if they struggle with irritations such as ingrown hairs and beard folliculitis.

You can choose from various options to remove this unwanted hair depending on budget and whether you want temporary (waxing, trimming and shaping) or permanent relief.

Laser hair removal is very successful at removing hair longer than shaving would. It can be used on the back and neck, chest and buttocks.

If your challenge is bushy eyebrows, trimming and shaping is recommended, and hair in the nostrils and ears can be managed by waxing.

Tip: As men’s skin has a greater number and larger hair follicles (due to higher testosterone levels), hair removal treatment may require more sessions than it does for women.

To find out more about men’s skin care regimes, visit Skin Renewal on www.skinrenewal.co.za or contact 0861 SKIN SA (754 672).

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