Tackling cellulite: the most effective professional treatments

We all want a firm and smooth silhouette, right? But achieving this can be a tough ask. Luckily, technology and know-how come to our rescue

Cellulite is a tough condition to treat and beat because it arises due to a combination of factors, as we mentioned in our previous story. For this reason, the most effective results in beating lumpy, orange-peel skin come from professional in-office solutions.

We at Body Renewal use our medical expertise, treatment experience and the best technology available to treat cellulite successfully. We offer a variety of solutions packages that cater for all levels and types of cellulite, as well as suiting your budget.

Here are just a few of the treatments used in our solutions packages:

iLipo – what’s not to love?

iLipo Ultra treatment isn’t only an alternative to traditional liposuction, this safe and effective, non-invasive laser lipolysis is also a great tool for reducing the size of fat cells in the body. It’s a quick and painless treatment with no downtime.

Using iLipo Ultra, stubborn, hard-to-lose fat can be targeted, drained and excreted naturally.

It uses a device that emits a low dose of light which makes your fat cell walls temporarily permeable. Vacuum massage is combined with the light therapy to encourage improved blood and lymph circulation. This helps to remove excess fluid and toxins and encourages the fat molecules to leave the fat cells. These are taken up and transported by the body’s lymphatic system and turned into energy.

Exercise is recommended after the treatment to burn this energy.

Targeted option for tough areas

If you are close to your ideal body weight, but struggling to shift some unwanted, stubborn fat (a muffin top, bra bulges or chunky inner thighs, for instance), Cryolipo fat freezing is a safe, scar-free way to target these.

The device freezes those unwanted fat cells painlessly. This destroys them and then, over a period of weeks, they’re excreted via your lymphatic drainage system. This is why we like to combine this treatment with a manual lymph massage.

Because it takes between six and 12 weeks for the body to eliminate the destroyed fat cells, it has time to adjust and recover. The skin over the treated area gradually shrinks and tightens, so you won’t get loose or flabby skin, as is common with more invasive procedures such as liposuction.

RF = Really F-ective

There are many radiofrequency (RF) devices that can be used to contour and improve the look of cellulite. These include Exilis Elite, Titania, Lavatron, VelaShape and Accent. They all work by using RF energy to stimulate the growth of new collagen, tighten existing collagen, destroy fat cells and improve your circulation.

We choose the RF device that would suit you best depending on the area you want to treat, as well as your main concern. Once you’ve had an assessment with one of our doctors, our professional therapists will proceed with the recommended treatment.

The Extra!
Did you know that carboxytherapy is a brilliant ally in the war against cellulite and stubborn fat?

For cellulite reduction, CO2 gas is introduced deep alongside your lymphatic system in your upper and lower legs For resistant fat reduction, Carboxytherapy is introduced deep into the fat layer. This breaks up the fat cell and stimulates new blood vessels and rejuvenation.

To find out more about proven solutions to dramatically improve the look of cellulite, visit Body Renewal.

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