Weighty matters: the RID diet

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Fad diets come and go, just like the kilos we lose and regain while we try them. What you want is a trusted medical weight loss programme… The Renewal Institute Diet

The Renewal Institute Diet (RID) has been developed using medical research into weight loss and refined over more than a decade to take into account advances in research as well as from practical learnings from the over 40 000 people we have helped – to give you the best chance of achieving weight loss, as well as sustaining it.

Starting with an individual consultation with a doctor to assess your health and lifestyle habits, the Renewal Institute tailor-makes a programme that addresses all aspects of your individual lifestyle, using our pillars of health.

The diet component of RID is supported by HCG (see below), which is designed to improve the body’s Leptin sensitivity, to subdue excessive appetite and speed up the metabolism. We target abnormal fat – the unhealthy fat that is stored in your belly, bum, and thighs.
RID is designed to improve the body’s Leptin sensitivity and eliminate this fat through a four-pronged approach:

1. Low GI diet

This balanced meal plan is planned around low-glycemic, low-inflammation non-inflammatory foods. It is flexible and practical and will help you change your eating habits without starving your body. Even if you have a very busy lifestyle, the diet is easy to maintain, and our team gives you useful tips to help you.

2. Weight loss supplements

The supplements prescribed in RID aid detoxification, improve gut health, and aid digestion. They have been formulated and tested by a team of experienced medical doctors and contain the most up-to-date, safe and natural weight loss aids.

3. Daily shakes

A daily meal replacement low-GI shake is incorporated into the well-balanced diet, to ensure optimal nutrition.

4. The Lipotrophic (HCG) injections:

The correct dose of RID HCG injections must be used daily to sustain the body’s normal metabolism. These injections are non-synthetic, bio-identical and compiled for each specific patient. They are prepared and sealed in a sterile laboratory by qualified pharmacists, as is required by law.

While your weight loss will make you look and feel good, a more important consideration is that it will make you healthier as well. The RID programme helps to normalise blood sugar levels, improve insulin resistance, balance cortisol levels in the body and reduce inflammation – among the biggest causes of disease.

We take the journey with you

As you go through the RID programme, you will have regular two-weekly appointments with your Renewal Institute team to assess your health and weight loss. The support of the team goes a long way to support and encourage you on your weight-loss journey.

Once you have attained your ideal goal weight, the Renewal Institute has body shaping treatments that will help you firm your skin. Find out more next time…

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